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  Projects undertaken by senior members of GI Consultants

City in ZambiaPlanning & design of two towns and one city in Zambia catering for a population of 450000 people and including hospitals, industrial estates, shopping and leisure facilities.


Water distribution system in Doha Design and construction of the water distribution system for Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Design of the highway and infrastructure for a new housing development in Southall. Responsibilities included liaising with other specialist consultants, local authorities and advising the client accordingly, meetings with client and all other stakeholders.

Planning, design and construction of a new village in the green belt area of north London. The site was based on a Victorian Mental hospital which was progressively redeveloped.


Master planning and design of a high quality development, including diplomatic, social and commercial areas in the hills near Abuja, Nigeria.


Sittingbourne,Kent The master planning and design of 5000 houses, three luxury hotels and golf courses in the mountains north of Athens.

Design, preparation of specification and contract documents for a major highway improvement scheme with bus priority at Waterlooville. Consultation with all major stakeholders and organising a public exhibition engaging with the public.

Sittingbourne,Kent Planning and design of a 50ha mixed use site at Sittingbourne in Kent requiring major flood protection works around the industrial part of the development.

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