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  Projects undertaken by senior members of GI Consultants

Tank Farm in Gulf of Benin Development of a tank farm in the Gulf of Benin involving new offices, accommodation and maintenance buildings and a review of helicopter landing facilities. Design and construction of major additions to the oil companies' headquarters in Lagos was also undertaken.

Feasibility study and detailed design of a site for residential and business purposes, including a hotel and extensive flood control measures near to Southampton.

Roads + Bridges in ZambiaZambia river bridge Detail designs of 570km of Class 1 roads in Zambia and the design of five major river bridges and a 10km crossing of the Zambezi flood plain.

Large Commercial and Mixed use Development Master planning and design of a major extension of an oil company’s headquarters in west Africa. This involved multi-storey buildings, significant earthworks and sea defences and the employment of energy efficient design and power generation to produce a sustainable project.

Environmental assessment and feasibility study for a site consisting of a water park, conference centre, hotels and shopping arcade in Cambridgeshire.

Hospital sites Design and supervision of five hospital sites in West London and one new hospital in Kent.

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