We are all anaesthetists in the South West Peninsula region and established the DAFT course back in 2008 so our local trainees did not have to travel out of region for exam revision courses.

Kate Holmes Consultant Anaesthetist, Derriford Hospital
Likes: cycling, sleeping, sunshine, 70% cocoa
David Snow Consultant Anaesthetist, Torbay Hospital, Torquay
Likes: problem solving, thinking outside the box, cycling
Gemma Crossingham Consultant Anaesthetist, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Likes: the beach, dining out, surfing
Rob Rowland “The Doctor”, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Likes: languages, quick wit, chainsawing and the violin.
Sam Allen Anaesthetic Secretary, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Likes: gin, swimming, holidays
Debbie Anaesthetic Registrar, Derriford Hospital
Ugg-booted squash demon
Steve Copplestone Anaesthetic Registrar, Derriford Hospital
Easygoing plaid-jacketed genius
Ash Williams Anaesthetic Registrar, Derriford Hospital
Run, Ashpet, run!!!
Matt Beardmore Anaesthetic Registrar
Been sent to Coventry..
Lindsey Arrick Consultant Anaesthetist (Locum) Derriford Hospital
Serenity personified. Loves a trail run and a quick dip

Comments from Previous Candidates

Really really good, did other much more well known courses and this blew them away. Really intense viva practice, spaced with a few really useful little sessions, super friendly helpful faculty. Kind of wish I was a deveon trainee! Totally reccomended. Is probably what made the difference - I passed!

A fantastically well organised 2 day course with consultant lead vivas, several whole exams (long cases and vivas) and useful tutorials. Tiring but great practice. Made me feel more comfortable in verbalising my answers before the big day.

Very well run and friendly Course faculty. Excellent vivas exactly like the exam (Consultant & SR led), harder than the real day, immediate feedback and advice. Exam day in suits and smarts was a nice touch. Perfectly timed in the final week prior to exams, allowing a burst of intense practice when likely to be flagging and most of the hard work is done. Good lectures esp on 'Key Papers'. Great course which covers masses without even noticing it. A 'must attend course' before the vivas, a great help in passing the FRCA. The after course beers (on the faculty) help too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the DAFT course. It was really well done and gave me the practice and confidence I was lacking.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everybody's efforts with the DAFT course. It was the best course I have been on for a revision point of view by miles.

Thanks for all your help on the DAFT course, it really helped.

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